Reptile / Acrochordus granulatus

Little File Snake


Likely to become endangered in the near future


Acrochordus granulatus is a snake species found from India through Southeast Asia to the Solomon Islands. It is known as the little file snake, marine file snake, and little wart snake. It is completely aquatic and almost helpless on land. No subspecies are currently recognized.

Range depth
4 to 20 m
Range mass
69 to 191 g
Range length
0.6 to 2.43 m
Average length
1 m
Breeding interval
Little file snakes breed once every two years.
Breeding season
Little file snakes breed during June and July and give birth during December.
Range number of offspring
1 to 12
Average number of offspring
Range gestation period
5 to 7 months
Typical lifespan
Status: captivity
3 to 5 years

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