Open Source Initiative

to KutchWildlife

We're looking for:
  • Photos of any animals or birds in Kutch
  • Missing or incorrect species names
  • Gujarati or other local names of species
  • Report fresh roadkills you come across
  • Report sightings of species not listed in the databank
  • If you have published a paper on any species in the databank

All contributions will be fully credited.

Safeguarding location information. For roadkills, either the general area or an exact location (latitude, longitude) are acceptable. For sightings, we only require general area information. Even taluka name is acceptable.

Suggest an edit

Did you find an error, want to add more information, or suggest any other changes? All contributions, big and small, are appreciated.


Missing species

Help us ensure all species of Kutch are represented in the database. Sometimes we may have missed one, or you may have noticed a vagrant.


Report a roadkill

Did you notice a roadkill? Contributing to the roadkill database can help determine longterm mitigation efforts and other research.


Report a sighting

Have you noticed a rare sighting? Or perhaps a new species? Report the sighting to help establish a historic record.