Kutch's first open access
Wildlife Databank

This is a central databank of all species in Kutch, related research, and crucial information about the state of animals in the region.

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About The Initiative

Fostering open exchange

Kutch has an abundance of wildlife, and an abundance of opportunities for research. However, there has been no central repository for all information regarding the native wildlife species, or research conducted upon them.

In the spirit of fostering open exchange between students, researchers, naturalists, and citizens, the Kutch Wildlife Initiative was created to become a central hub for everything related to wildlife in Kutch.

This non-profit website is provided as a public service, where all the data is contributed by the public. The goal is to help everyone in Kutch better understand about our natural heritage, and protect it while we still have a chance.

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This databank is created by the public, for the public. Whether you are a professional researcher or a citizen scientist, you are welcome to contribute to this website and help it grow. You can contribute new content, suggest edits, report inaccuracies, and more.

KutchWildlife.com is built to be an ever-evolving resource for both researchers and the public. As a public service initiative, the website and the database will grow over several phases. Take a look at the Roadmap to see how it will change over the next several phases.

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